The story about my ties to olive growing. This is a story about love and affection to the native Istrian land where our olive trees grow. I love working with them every single day. Olive groves require year-round, delicate nurturing so that they can bear green and golden fruits which enable us to extract luxurious liquid golden-green olive oil.
My connection with olive groves began in my early childhood. I was a curious child and enjoyed assisting my mother Janja while she was working in olive groves and vineyards. Although I enjoyed playing in the village with my friends, it was never difficult for me to help my mother working on our farm. After graduating in the hospitality sector, I took a job in the economy, more specifically telecommunications. Despite having a full-time job, I still cultivated our land every day. But for a number of years, I have now been actively spending my working time on my farm and performing tourism-related activities.
The origins of our farm date back to 1880. After my mother’s untimely death, my brother and I inherited her farm in 2019. I took over a large part of the olive groves and a minor part of the vineyards. We currently cultivate 5.2 ha of land. We do everything ourselves – I and my young family with the help of my father-in-law and hard-working friends. Our olive groves are situated next to our Tourist Farm RED FAIRYTALE in a small village of Marezige near Koper. Our olive groves currently include 600 olive trees, of which 240 are newly planted. We plan to further plant a few hundreds of olive trees in the future. The size of our farm allows us to do most of the work ourselves which helps us to pursue our mission, which is to maintain the high quality and stay unique. I will continue following my journey in order to always offer you the best quality of olive oil. Thank you for your trust in us. Sašo Čehovin, farm owner